Review of the year: 2019

With the year drawing to a close, I thought I would reflect on my makes during 2019.

Most challenging make - the black copley cardigan

I’ve chosen the black copley cardigan as it is the make that took me the longest.  I have made this pattern before but in a yellow colour, which was a lot easier on the eye!  I can get quite impatient so the fact I persevered and finished it within a year is quite an achievement.

I haven’t worn it much yet – I think I have just got a bit exhausted from it.  I’m sure I will start wearing it more once I’ve recovered!

Most fun make - the beach towel poncho

It was easy to select the most fun make – it’s the beach towel poncho!  My mum and I made this one weekend when she came to stay.  She wanted one for when she visits us as we live close to the beach.

I enjoyed this make as it was a collaborative effort, we had to work out how to make it as we went along, and it came out better than I imagined.

Most useful make - the Debbie Shore office bag

The most useful make has been this Debbie Shore Office Bag.  I only made it in September but it is now my work bag.  I made a matching water bottle carrier and zip pouch as well which have proved to be invaluable as well.


Favourite gift made - the bear pjs

I am fond of practically all the gifts I made this year, but my last substantial make has to be my favourite.  I made Phill these bear PJs from pattern woven fabric from our trip to Hong Kong in 2018 and then made a top in a black knit fabric.  Once made, I couldn’t resist making a little bear motif for the top.  I tried to replicate one of the bears on the patterned fabric and created the outline with chain stitch, using a french knot for the bear’s eye.

Favourite make - the Cleo upcycle

The Cleo pinafore stands out in my mind as it is probably the make I wear the most.  As I made it from two pairs of jeans that were given to me, it feels so substantial and lovely to wear.

My #2019makenine

  1. Molly Dress – completed
  2. Bibi Pinafore – completed
  3. Copley Cardigan – completed (see above)
  4. Kinder Cardigan – completed
  5. Toucan T-Shirt – did not start but will rollover to 2020 list
  6. Bag for swimming or yoga – no longer required (but I did make that office bag instead)
  7. Vinyl travel bag – did not make but may carry over to 2020 list
  8. Art of Knitting throw – Did not continue as the cardigan took so long
  9. Sew House 7 Dress – did not make

Other key achievements and lessons learned

  1. I can survive on my fabric stash without buying more fabric – and I now appreciate my stash rather than feeling overwhelmed by it
  2. I have managed to start posting regular vlog and vlog posts recently – I think there are at least 20 weekly vlogs in a row!
  3. I have begun learning about pattern cutting through a couple of local courses
  4. I have learned more on how to craft when my chronic illness flares – basically stick to hand crafts such as knitting, crocheting, hand embroidery and other hand sewing
  5. I need to track my makes – sometimes I can’t vlog, blog or Instagram a make as it is a gift so I need another method of keeping tabs

That’s it for 2019 – I’ll be back with my 2020 intentions.

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