My 2020 plans

Here are my plans going into 2020... 2020 Make Nine Here are my make nine plans: Freya Sweater by Tilly and the Buttons Toucan t-shirt Shawl Mila Dungarees by Tilly and the Buttons Dressing Gown using Butterick 5189 A men's shirt (not decided on pattern yet) Slipper Boots (free pattern by Tilly and the Buttons) Trousers Art of Knitting throw Other plans Learn to draft a trouser block (going to a locally held class) Mend textile items at home which need fixing Successfully make any items for special birthdays coming up this year Keeping track of my progress and achievements I decided that…

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Crafting with a chronic illness: my experience with Ankylosing Spondylitis

I thought it might be useful to share what I have found helpful for my circumstance in case it is also useful for someone else. Everyone is different though, so you must keep problem solving until you find your own strategies.

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The 100 Day Project – 100 Days of Developing Content

Today is the start of The 100 Day Project! This year I am focusing on developing content. I have made quite a few things this year but not blogged or vlogged or even shared on Instagram yet!  I plan to remedy this during the 100 days and also log any new learning or makes along the way. There are two reasons I want to do this. First, I like having a log of my makes.  It comes in handy in particular when I want to remake a pattern, or I am deciding what to make others for Christmas and Birthdays…

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Welcome to the Clobber Creations YouTube Channel!

Many people find it hard to listen to themselves on a recording and I definitely fit into that category!  Unfortunately, I was never any good at acting at school, and even when I worked in a call centre, my supervisor used to mark my calls down for being flat!  It used to be awful listening back to calls with customers, but at least there were no graphics to accompany the awkward voice.

Youtube is a different matter!  While I’m intrigued by the background elements – setting up the microphone, lighting, focusing the camera… I try to avoid talking or appearing on it.  However, I’ve reached a point where a few busy projects have come to an end and my partner is nudging me in the direction of video. (more…)

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15 minutes closer to goals

Sometimes, I get home and sewing is the last thing on my mind.  I'm still struggling to unwind from the day's activities, I know I have day-to-day tasks in the periphery of my mind, calling for my attention, and my energy levels are usually right down. My initial thoughts are to resist the chores, eventually do them and then go to bed zombified! However, I know that my hobbies are important to me.  in the past, I've come straight home from work wolfed down dinner and then sat obediently with my knitting project for a good few hours before opting…

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