Handmade Clothes

Many of the clothes I have made are sewn.  However, my crafting began with knitting, as you need much less to begin, and it’s particularly good for traveling!  I have only made the odd knitted garment, however.  Naturally, due to the speed of using a sewing machine, my sewn clothes outnumber the hand knitted ones dramatically!


I began dressmaking when I was 16.  I asked for a sewing machine and my mum and I inexpertly bought the wrong size of a commercial sewing pattern.  I then proceeded to stretch the fabric on the bias and my mum had to swoop in, unpick it all and then tack a line of stitches for me to follow as I couldn’t stitch in a straight line!

Fortunately, my sewing ability has evolved since then!  Over the last few years, I have sewn consistently and have made some garments I’m really pleased with.  For example, the Poppy Playsuit by Sew Over It was made in a challenging fabric, but I wear it everytime the weather is hot enough here in the UK!!

Knitting and Crochet

As I mentioned earlier, I began knitting before sewing.  I first learned to knit when I was 10, after nagging my mum to teach me how to do it!  I’d watched my mum knit for years, whipping up cardigans for school (she’s a super fast knitter!) and I used to mimic by tying my skipping rope into knots.  I have not made many garments from knitting as they are much more time consuming than sewing, but as it’s portable, I’m able to take it wherever I go.

Pattern reviews:

I produce pattern review videos of the handmade clothes I make, whether the patterns come from an independent pattern designer or from one of the big 4.  Sewing patterns can vary greatly in quality and clarity so I feel that it is important to share my experiences making a garment. Below is the review of the Molly Dress by Sew Over It. You can see more of my pattern reviews here.