Home and Accessories

I enjoy making a range of items for the home and accessories for my sewing room. In particular, I am passionate about upcycling and finding new life for old items of clothing. However, I also have a rather large stash of fabric. To manage my stash of fabric I have been trying hard to stash bust and actually use up the fabric I have stored up.


Sometimes, items are so worn it seems like they can no longer be used.  However, it’s fun to incorporate them into something new.  Pictured are the remains of an old pair of beloved jeans.  I wore them down to the point that the fabric was really thin in places, and as comfortable as they were to wear, I had retire them as usable clothing.  Instead, I turned them into a small apron to wear while I craft!

Stash Busting

Living in Cornwall, access to dressmaking fabrics is limited and it has meant I’ve gone a bit wild when I have had the opportunity to go into one!  Also, I’m a bit of a magpie when I go into charity shops, so my fabric stash has grown into a bit of a monster.  My current flat isn’t quite as good for hiding the multitude of my addiction, so I have been focusing hard on reducing it down to a manageable size and being a bit more daring.  It’s there to be used, after all!  Pictured is a pouffe I recovered with fabric remnants – albeit from my mum’s stash, not mine…


Since moving to Falmouth, I have had the opportunity to learn ceramics at a local evening class.  I find it really challenging as it does not come to me as naturally as textiles, but I thoroughly enjoy it and find it so rewarding.

Always keen to interconnect my hobbies, I continually tried to find links by making items such as this yarn bowl and ceramic buttons, which nearly drove my tutor to tears (everyone else wanted to make more traditional items shall we say…)!

I’ve taken a bit of a break from ceramics at the moment, but I hope to do more of it soon.  In the meantime, please feel free to browse the archive of posts on what I’ve made previously.