Machine embroidery - Drawing with Stitch

I learned free machine embroidery at a leisure course a few years ago.  Before then, I had always dreamed of owning one of those super big computerised embroidery machines which produces beautiful lettering and imagery.  It turns out that free machine embroidery is a way to do that but in a unique and personal way!  And best of all, you can use practically any sewing machine, so it doesn’t have to break your budget – although it does take a bit more time and concentration I suppose!

One of my proudest pieces has to be the map of Falmouth, which I made two months into learning the technique.  it has pride of place in my lounge.  Another big achievement was a stitched version of the Man Engine.

More recently, I challenged myself to 100 days of stitching animals as part of The 100 Day Project.  It’s still 100 squares of fabric, but I hope to make a wall hanging out of them soon.

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Cat Card made using Machine embroidery

Examples of my work: