Eat.Sleep.Surf the net. Apron

Usually, my poor family members get a handmade gift, whether they want it or not!  However, my dad has learned this, and decided to make practical use of the situation.  Sometimes, I ask them what they want before deciding myself.  My dad was ready for the question when it came to his birthday gift. (more…)

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Review of 2016 highlights and lessons

It's nice to pause and reflect back over the year before looking forward to the new year, so here are my highlights and lessons from 2016: Highlights Ceramic buttons! I don't have any plans to continue ceramics at the moment, but a highlight for me has been making ceramic buttons!  So far, I have only used one (which may be part of the reason I have decided to leave ceramics for the moment from my stream of hobbies) but I have plans in the new year to use more of them. Free machine embroidery Free machine embroidery has increased the…

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Christmas makes 2016

Just a quick post to reflect on some of the makes I have made this year for Christmas!  There are a few which have been good or challenging which I wanted to share. The upcycled t shirt cushions My dad suggested that his old Hard Rock cafe tshirts should be transformed into cushions about two years ago but I wasn't convinced and didn't do it until this month.  They have come out much better than I expected!  I was worried that they were too faded, but I simply cut out the designs and appliqued them onto calico and created envelope cushions!…

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Free Motion Embroidery – drawing and writing with my sewing machine

Got your eye on an expensive yet impressive embroidery sewing machine?  Think again! I've been admiring the lovely embroidery machines with their numerous stitch options and the possibility of embellishing handmade gifts with a name at the touch of a button (or a few).  I remember watching a demonstration of someone programming in a word and then watching in awe as the machine punched out the letters perfectly.  All I wanted to do was justify the cost of buying a sewing machine which did this! Well, my bank budget (and boyfriend) will be relieved to know that I no longer have this impulse!…

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The Poppy Playsuit

Once again, it's been a while since I've had another go at dressmaking.  I remedied this by combining a recent pattern in Simply Sewing with a recent material purchase! There's a lovely charity shop nearby who sell craft supplies.  I was very lucky to go into the shop when they had a material sale on, which meant I got two fabrics for the price of one!  One of the fabrics I came across is this lovely one above. I am not sure what type of material it is, but it drapes well and there was enough to try out the…

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Upcycling jeans – the sewing pinny!

One of the projects I made during #miymarch16 was the upcycled pinny from an old pair of jeans. I got these jeans for my 21st.  I'm a bit of a hoarder, and while they had a tear in them where the fabric was so thin and worn out, I hadn't had the heart to chuck them away. When I met up with my mum and sister in March, they suggested cutting them up into something new.  Due to the location of the worn out section, a skirt was not suitable!  However, we came up with making a tool belt. One…

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