Cat Birthday Card

Today I am sharing a very recent card I made for my nan’s birthday.  It’s a cat themed birthday card.

From Design to Stitch

I began by finding a picture online which matched the vision I had in my head.  I found a photo of a real cat, sat in front of a cake.

I used this image to then sketch out my own version, as a simple outline drawing.  I then digitised this using a drawing tablet on the computer.

Adding colour: stitch and pastels

I used grey for the outline of the cat.  The cat I was basing the design on is a pale ginger tabby, and I felt that a black outline would be too harsh for her soft shade.  I used black thread for the plate, hat and cake.

For the tabby markings, I switched to an orange thread and used a variable zigzag stitch setting for the most part, but switched to the narrow zigzag for the face.

I felt that the orange thread was a bit too bright compared to the cat I was thinking of, so I used fabric pastels to dull down the thread colour and to boost the colour of the background fabric.  I also used the pastels to colour in the hat, cake, candlestick and plate.

On card and ready to go

I’ve become a huge fan of using spray mount these days as it seems to produce a much cleaner finish compared to double sided tape.

If I had more shades of orange, I probably would have used more stitching to create the fur colour, but I used what I had and I am pleased with the result.

Watch it on the Vlog

I made a time lapse of making this card and added a bit of commentary to it.  You can watch it below:

Play Video

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