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The Freja Dress

March was a hectic month but I was pleased to complete a project which was on my list – The Freja Dress from Simply Sewing Magazine.

I’ve been swooning over many of the lovely pinafore patterns that have been around over the last couple of years, but opted for this one due to its A line style skirt.

I had bought this beautiful needle cord fabric at the craft show I visited in September from the Fabrics Galore stand but I was looking at making the Sunday pinafore from Simply Sewing at the time.  When I noticed that the pattern involved a circle skirt, I realised that needle cord would not be appropriate!

This is my first attempt at pattern matching.  It was only pattern matched at the front this time, and the pockets are not positioned perfectly, but I’m pretty chuffed anyway!

Here is my pattern review breakdown:



  • Pattern Name: The Freja Dress
  • Variation/Style: Pinafore (you can make an A line skirt too)
  • Design House: Simply Sewing Magazine – Designed by Kirsty Hartley
  • Size I made: 14


Needlecord fabric from Fabrics Galore – September 2016.  While it’s a lovely fabric, it’s not great to wear with tights and would either need to be lined, worn with a slip, or just without tights.


If made in a plain denim, it would be much easier (mine involved pattern matching) but there is a concealed zip and buttonholes to tackle. As it’s made with a sturdy fabric, it’s a fairly simple make.


I found the instructions clear and helpful.  I did end up watching a video on how to insert the concealed zip to double check how to do it (it’s my first one!) but directions are provided in the pattern.

The only adjustment I made, beyond the position of the buttons at the back, was to remove the seam at the front of the skirt so that I wouldn’t need to pattern match the front pieces.


In the end, all I adjusted were the straps, which were only marked on the pattern as a guide.  I added an inch to the length as well.


This pinafore features an A line skirt for the bottom half which I really like as it provides a flattering fit but reduces fabric consumption compared to a full circle skirt.

It’s always great to have pockets included in the design!  It would be a lovely decorative feature on a plain version, but for a busy pattern like mine, I could have probably done with pockets in the seams!

The concealed zip wasn’t too tricky and provides a great finish.  The crossover straps are an additional feature.

Time Taken

I believe it took me around 12 hours in total spread over a few weeks.  This includes the time I spent carefully laying out and cutting the pieces to ensure there was a bit of pattern matching going on.


Overall, I found this pattern to be a lovely fit and design.  I am on the lookout for some red denim to make a second version!

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