Pattern Review: The TATB Bow Blouse

Today I’m sharing a pattern review of one of my #2018makenine projects!  I added it to my make nine list as it’s something I began in 2017 and then abandoned when I got confused with it.  However, I am so glad I persevered as it wasn’t so bad after all and it certainly stands out in my wardrobe.


  • Pattern name: Bow Blouse
  • Variation/Style: N/A
  • Design House: Tilly and the Buttons / Simply Sewing Magazine publication (issues 14 and 15)
  • Size I made: 4


Purple crepe fabric I got from Fabricland well over a year ago… (I believe it’s probably synthetic or a blend at the very least)


This was a challenging make for a few reasons:

  • The fabric – you need to use something that drapes well.  However, this in turn makes it challenging to cut out  (lots of pins and starch spray!!) and sew together (lots of tacking!) as it can become distorted easily.
  • Sleeves – the sleeves need to be set in.  They also have gathers which require attention.
  • Collar and ties for the bow – I found this the most complicated part to decipher from the instructions, but if you have done a collar before you’ll be fine!


Overall, I found the instructions clear and helpful.  However, I did get stalled at the collar/bow construction.  In fact, I stopped making it for about 15 months because of it!  When I did get back to it, I found it easy to understand though, so it’s probably just me hitting a wall at the time.


I made a straight size 4.  I didn’t make any adjustments and I find it’s a comfortable fit.  Even the length is good and I’m prone to add an inch for good measure usually.


There are so many lovely features on this pattern.  The high-low hem, box pleat at the back, bow detail, round neckline, pleats at the front, and gathers on the sleeves… there’s so much detail!  I really like the length of the sleeves (just below elbow).  While the extra techniques made it take a while to construct, the pay off is well worth it.

Time Taken

I can’t provide an accurate estimate unfortunately due to the humongous break I took in starting and finishing this make, but due to all the new techniques I learned through making it, and the difficulty of the fabric, it was a long make.


Brilliant blouse!  I don’t normally wear blouses, but I love the design of this one and definitely want to make another .  I have a couple of potential fabrics in my stash but need to check there’s enough there.  That is the main downfall on blouses; they use a lot of fabric!

I recorded a review of the pattern as well:

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