Picture framing course

Recently I attended a day workshop on how to build your own frames.  It’s not something that is necessarily feasible for me at the moment, but it’s definitely something I would like to try in the future.

It turns out that most of the resources are things you may have at home already.  While you can use a smart mitre saw, there are smaller, cheaper versions, which can do the job as well.  The bevel mount cutter was a revelation!  They can cost around £50, but if you are struggling to find the right mount for your work, it seems like it could be an investment.

The reason I attended this workshop is because ever since I started free machine embroidery last year, I have struggled to find frames and mounts which fit my work.  For example, my map of Falmouth was a tricky one.  I had to trim down a mount and buy a separate frame for it and it only just worked.


My workaround has been to design a piece to fit into a frame.  I did this for the map of Cornwall.  However, I still struggled as the map shape was not perfect for the mount size, and it meant that I had limited spacing for writing the coastal locations around the periphery!


The key issue I have with framing is space and money.  While I would love to be able to invest in the tools, storage would be an issue.  The bevel mount cutter is small, and if you purchase a small mitre stand, they are small, but it’s the other equipment which would concern me.  I don’t have anywhere I could store a large piece of mount card, or a long strip of frame molding, and I would be concerned that they might warp without appropriate care, which would waste money and valuable materials.

If I can get my family on board, perhaps I can organise a frame making session at some point and make a series of them in one go somewhere where there is more space than I have here.  For example, many people who are home owners have mitre stands or saws in their homes from adding skirting boards to their rooms when redecorating, so there may be one I could borrow.  For now, I think I will focus on making some items to frame so they’re ready for that day I can put this knowledge into action!

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