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#sew my style – February – The Saunio Cardigan

February has whizzed by, and I was slightly concerned about getting the second Sew my Style make made in time for the end of the month!  However, I did not have to worry as it turned out to be a relatively simple make, even if it was with knit fabric.

I had mixed feelings about this pattern when I saw it in the challenge.  While I like over-sized baggy clothes, particularly cardis and jumpers, I wasn’t sure about its very shapeless design.  However, part of this challenge is for me to try out different types of patterns, and I was reluctant to avoid it.

The Saunio Cardigan by Named comes in 3 sizes.  I picked the middle one.  Each size covers garment sizes, so as a result, it means that the pattern is more over-sized if you’re further away from the top end of the size range measurement.

Instruction-wise, it’s a lovely simple sew!  It is very good at recommending tape to stop the shoulder seams from over stretching, which is a big risk due to its baggy design.

I used my overlocker for all of the seams and only used the sewing machine for securing the hems at the end at the bottom and on the sleeves.  I opted for a 3 step zigzag stitch for the hems – I do have a ballpoint twin needle, but I’m a bit wary after breaking the last one!  the thread matched the fabric so well that I don’t feel that it’s made much difference.

I used a lovely knit fabric from my local haberdashery, which I feel has worked well.  It’s quite stretchy, but I like the neutral colour, and think it will be great in the spring or summer evenings (or just summer days being based in the UK!)

I liked the blog post from Bluebird fabrics, which suggested making a belt for this make, and I have seen versions online of this cardigan having a large popper at the top to secure the front sides together.  I can see why these adaptations have been made as it does feel a little like it could slip off your shoulders, but I quite like the open design and will trial it without any additions for now.  I have fabric spare if I change my mind.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this pattern as a good one to work with your overlocker if you’re new to using it with knits.  I haven’t used my overlocker very much for creating seams directly, preferring to err on the side of caution and use my sewing machine, but it does produce a lovely finish if you do use it.

I’m a big fan of the sleeves, which surprised me, as I wasn’t sure about them when I cut them out.  I like how they are baggy up the top and narrow down to be more fitted at the hem.  I thought I’d dislike the cropped sleeve length too, but it turns out that I am fond of this feature too!

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