#sewmystyle – April – Bridgetown dress

Once again, I found myself blundering out of another month without a completed project for #sewmystyle.  My flaw in April was that I completely forgot to prewash the fabric until the day I chose to cut out the pieces.  I ended up washing it while I cut out pieces for another project on my list, and then with other deadlines appearing, April came and went! (more…)

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#sew my style – February – The Saunio Cardigan

February has whizzed by, and I was slightly concerned about getting the second Sew my Style make made in time for the end of the month!  However, I did not have to worry as it turned out to be a relatively simple make, even if it was with knit fabric. (more…)

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#sewmystyle – January

Here is my first make as part of project #sewmystyle The first pattern was toaster sweater 2 by Sew House Seven.  This is not a pattern I would automatically choose myself.  However, the whole point of completing this challenge is to move out of my comfort zone! I chose a red jersey fabric from a local haberdashery.  This fabric was sturdy, which works well to maintain the neck collar. The instructions are detailed well.  I used the pdf version to save money and found that using a guillotine sped along the cut and stick stage! Another new product I tested…

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