#the100dayproject – #100daysofstashbusting

The hundred day project begins on Tuesday 3 April!

My chosen project is to spend 100 days stashbusting.


Just over a month ago, I moved into a new flat.  Lets just say the storage in this flat isn’t quite the same and I have 7 crates of fabric and wool that can’t go anywhere.

I’m not expecting miracles to happen in 100 days, but I am hoping that I can take a really good dink out of the excess stash I have.  It’s also a useful time frame for certain items; if I don’t find a way to use them in the next 100 days, it’s time they’re given away so that someone else has the opportunity to find some use out of them.

While de-cluttering is a key motivation in this project, there are other benefits I hope to find with this project:

  • Try out some patterns I haven’t got around to
  • Become a bit more creative and resourceful with what I have
  • ‘Bite the bullet’ with some items (in particular, fabrics) and just use it rather than waiting for the perfect pattern

How I’m preparing for the project:

  • Looking through my patterns and books for inspiration
  • Looking through my fabric to organise it into potential projects
  • Considering any special occasions coming up (birthdays, father’s day… even Christmas!)
  • Keeping my #2018makenine list nearby to see if I can complete some of these (I haven’t completed any at this point…)
  • Sorting through my yarn so see what I have in which weight

So… wish me luck and stay tuned for updates!

For regular updates on the project, take a look at my instagram account.


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