100 Day Stash Attack

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I’m definitely one to hoard fabrics and then deliberate endlessly on what the best project will be for every piece.

I seem to have some fear of using fabrics for the “wrong project” but then the fabrics stay neglected in my stash for years and only see the light of day when I have to re-sort them all because it’s become too messy.

However, I now have to face two huge issues:

  1. My stash is out of control
  2. My craft spending is – likewise – out of control.

Why are these two points a problem?  First, I live in a flat which is not designed to store masses of fabric.  Second, I do not earn enough money to warrant such craft purchasing expenditure.  While I’ve been living blissfully in denial over the past few years, I have to face these cold facts and come up with a solution.

Enter my 100 day plan to destash.  Yesterday I began this new challenge – to try to complete as many projects which reduce my fabric hoard.  I am still continuing with #sewmystyle as I’m keen to complete this challenge, but this is the only instance I will buy fabric, and it’s mainly the yona coat pattern that is going to be the issue, as I’ve already matched fabrics in my stash to the next two patterns!

In line with this challenge, I plan to document it on the blog.  I won’t be able to make something everyday, but when I do have time, I plan to make with the intention of reducing the stash.

Another key element of this challenge will be to make practical items which are useful around the house, as well as gifts which I can give to people for Christmas and birthdays.  While it will be great to reduce the stash, I don’t think I will have room for all of the outcomes necessarily!

Time for a tote sale!

There’s 50% off selected tote bags on my etsy shop at the moment as well, to celebrate some of my original makes for the shop and to make way for new stock in the future!

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