Me Made May 2017 – reflections

May flew by (although that seems to be my reflection every month..) and another me made May has finished.  This year, I pledged to wear at least one handmade garment every day.

I am pleased to say that I did manage my pledge, and my sew my style makes have been key participants!  As always, the UK is a mixed bag when it comes to the weather, and while I have many lovely summery dresses, the colder days can always be a bit more challenging to keep up with the challenge.  I did notice this issue last year.  This year has highlighted that I may need to focus more on the ‘in between’ seasons garments.

Anyway, here are my top me made garments for May that I have worn:

  1. The yellow cardigan

    The yellow cardigan is the main way I keep up with the challenge when the weather is not so good as it goes with so many things!  It may have taken longer than the time it took to sew the other garments combined, but it was definitely worth making as I get so much use out of it.My mum made me a red version this year which has been worn a lot as well (not quite me made but still handmade!)
  2. Pyjamas!

    Not exactly part of the challenge, but I have a couple of summery pyjama sets that I’ve been rotating around during May to sustain the me made theme.  I hope to make some trouser version ones at some point for when it’s not as warm.
  3. The Bridgetown Dress

    The more I wear this dress (and I only finished it at the beginning of May), the more I love it.  It’s really comfortable, I enjoy the colour and there’s just something really pleasing about wearing this dress. It’s a crepe fabric, and I think this has really helped it feel so lovely to wear.
  4. The Virginia Leggings
    virginia leggings

    These leggings have been perfect for the cooler days earlier in the month.  I’m hoping to make another pair at some point.
  5. More versatile dress

    This dress is a good one for Spring in the UK

  6. The Freja Pinafore

    I still want to make a plain version of this as I really like the shape of it and enjoy wearing it.  I am finding the fabric is not as strong as I’d have liked it to be as I’ve had to reattach the buttons a couple of times and have not had it that long, so next time I will choose a sturdier one.
  7. Dungarees

    These dungarees are nice and comfy for when I need to get a few jobs done in the day.  I generally wear them on days I am mainly at home.
  8. The bird dress
    2016-06-05 15.20.49
    This is a lovely big simple dress.  I mainly love the fabric design and it’s very good for keeping cool on a hot day
  9. The £2.50 dress
    Another newer make, this dress is becoming a favourite of mine too.  It’s comfy to wear and another great one for hot weather.
  10. Polka dot top

    I really need to make more tops, which I reckon was one of my reflections last time.  This is why this polka dot top gets worn so much.  It’s another garment which is versatile over all seasons.

Reflections on wardrobe:

  • More tops – my me made wardrobe definitely lacks tops.  Fortunately, the sew my style challenge features a couple of top patterns in the June and July makes!
  • Knit more! – i think I just need to make a rainbow of knitted cardigans all from that same pattern as I really like the design and wear them loads.  It demonstrates that while knitting is much slower, it reaps the rewards.
  • Expand my fabric repertoire – making the bridgetown dress in crepe has really opened my eyes to the benefits of choosing trickier fabrics for certain projects.  While sturdy woven fabrics are easier to control, they can lack the drape and versatility of other fabric types.
  • Another pyjama set! – don’t need more, but would be great to have some me made tones suitable for the cooler weather.

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