Reading Passport 2016 update – February

I am becoming well known by the staff in my library from this challenge, as I think there are very few people undertaking this reading challenge!  Well, I have struggled to speed up with my reading and the deadline of 31 March is proving to be difficult.  However, here is my update for February.

Life of Pi (2000s)

I found it difficult to get into this book to begin with and as a result, slowed down on my reading speed.  I found the pace of the book sped up as the event which leaves Pi stranded on a lifeboat is revealed.

For me, I found that I appreciated the book more when I finished it and had time to think about it.  I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the read in general, but this may be due to the great descriptive elements used to describe certain events in the book.  However, I can see why it was a successful book which became a film.  Having read the book, I am reluctant to watch the film!

Pincher Martin (1950s)

When I got to this book and discovered it had a similar-ish setting to the one above (minus the animals) I did groan a bit.  This is probably the book I have liked the least so far.  Once again, it did pick up a bit, but not enough for me.  I think the book is full of great narrative tools and would be a great resource for teaching someone to analyse a text in English literature or language, as it does a good job of personifying the elements and gradually revealing more about the character’s life.  If anything, I guess I’m not too fond of shipwreck stories.

1984 (1940s)

I almost had to read this book at school, but my English teacher convinced the class that we’d find the short story book from the Award body much more interesting than 1984.  Since then, I’ve not bothered to read it until now.  So far I am 100 pages in and while it is quite challenging, I am perservering.

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