The 100 Day Project – 100 Days of Developing Content

Today is the start of The 100 Day Project!

This year I am focusing on developing content.

I have made quite a few things this year but not blogged or vlogged or even shared on Instagram yet!  I plan to remedy this during the 100 days and also log any new learning or makes along the way.

There are two reasons I want to do this.

First, I like having a log of my makes.  It comes in handy in particular when I want to remake a pattern, or I am deciding what to make others for Christmas and Birthdays (so I don’t end up making the exact same thing again…!)

The second is to promote an appreciation of handmade items.  For many of us, this manifests in pursuing a craft or crafts as a hobby.  For others, it can be demonstrated in acquiring items which have a story or they know more about its production and maker.

What you can expect to see from this project over the 100 days:

  • More blog posts!
    • Pattern Reviews
    • Progress on my #2019makenine
    • Me Made May
    • Other plans
    • More about how I make items on my Etsy store
  • More Vlogs!
    • The content will be similar to the blog posts but geared towards anyone who prefers video media and a slightly more spontaneous approach
  • More stock
    • I have not made a lot of stock for my Etsy store in recent months and I have sold out of my most popular item.
  • More information on how items are made
    • I think it is important to show how much effort goes into producing makes – both as a hobby and as an Etsy seller.  I will be looking at ways to highlight this over the 100 days.

If you’re interested in my journey, wish me luck and follow along on this blog, the vlog and/or Instagram!

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