New Etsy Store Data! First impressions…

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Recently, Etsy revamped their stats for sellers, and I thought I would write a short bit about this.

I use Etsy for my Clobber Creations shop, which is an outlet for some of my hobbies alongside this blog and my video channel.  Etsy is a great tool for anyone interested in selling their handmade crafts around their other commitments as you can can decide how much input you put in.

My two favourite new features are listings and customers.

Listings helps you determine which are your top listings on Etsy.  It provides you with a top 10 as well as the 10 least successful pages.  For the less successful ones, Etsy provides some tips and suggestions on how you could improve each listing.  For example, some of my less viewed items had the suggestion of adding more photos to the listing.

I found that it was more useful to filter to all listings rather than the active ones only, as you are then able to see why the ones you have sold are so successful.  For me, I tend to make a lot of items which are ‘one offs’ so it helps to look at past items as well as the active ones.

This data has helped me as I have been able to identify what customers and browsers of Etsy have liked or viewed the most, and what may not be quite so successful.

The customers section gives you a better idea of what else your customers are interested in., as well as a map of where your customers are located in the world and how they access your shop.  How they access your shop is interesting as you can then consider the most common method your shop will be viewed on and adjust your shop banner, images, etc. to check they look aesthetically pleasing on this format.  For example, many shoppers may use the Etsy app to view your shop, so you could adjust your shop page and listings to ensure it loads suitably on this.


Finding out what else your customers search for is very good for planning future makes and stock.  Just having a quick look at this data has provided me with a bit more motivation and inspiration to plan my future designs and makes!

The Etsy Seller app has changed as well and I’m yet to see whether you can drill down into as much data as you can on the web browser.  From the web version, it feels very user friendly.  If you would like to find out more about stats on Etsy, you can find more information here.

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