The Hundred Day Project: Days 1-20

This year I decided that I would take part in The Hundred Day Project and embark on a project which has been on my mind for a while…

The theme of my hundred day project is 100 days of free machine embroidered animals – or the hashtag #100daysofFMEanimals

To record the project, I thought I would post a blog update every 20 days.  Here are the first 20 animals of the project:

Hundred Day Project - Day 1
Day 1 - Parrot
Hundred Day Project - Day 2
Day 2 - Emu
Hundred Day Project - Day 3
Day 3 - Flamingo
Hundred Day Project - Day 4
Day 4 - Starfish
Hundred Day Project - Day 5 Stingray
Day 5 - Stingray
Day 6 - Newt
Day 7 - Bear
Day 8 - Elephant
Machine Embroidery Sea Turtle
Day 9 - Seaturtle
Day 10 Ferret
Day 11 - Pig
Day 12 - Hippo
Day 13 - Sloth
Day 14 - Leopard
Day 15 - Dog
Day 16 - Cow
Day 17 - Koala
Day 18 - Zebra
Day 19 - Deer
Day 20 - Lemur

So, what have I learned in the first 20 days?

I’ve found the project to vary in how time consuming it is.  for example, the elephant was relatively fast to create because I had already sketched out an elephant drawing in the past for a card (and more importantly remembered where I put it!) but the sea turtle took a lot longer.

Moving further into the project, I’m finding the following works best for me:

  • Get the animal drawn and embroidered before work
  • If I don’t have enough time to stitch the animal before work, getting the sketch sorted out significantly helps
  • Don’t overthink the drawing side (I find this the hardest part as I’m not a confident illustrator)
  • If I don’t like the finished result, tomorrow is another day and I get to start fresh

I have had the odd day where I have been more reluctant to complete the project, but all in all I’m genuinely surprised that I’m still going!  Working from home is definitely helping as I am less tired as there is no commute.  However, home working does have downsides as well, and it is impacting my crafting productivity as my workstation has encroached on my crafting space!  A few weeks in, I’m beginning to feel the adjustment getting easier, and I’m looking forward to sharing the next 20 animals in a few weeks’ time.

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