Wool makes update: Crochet by day, knit by night

No completed achievements to show this month as I clink on with a couple of larger projects, but I fancied sharing some photo updates of my progress:

Crochet by Day

I’m a lunch crocheter at the moment – well, a broomstick crocheter anyway – and am currently working on a birthday present during my lunch hours.  The wool is called Senses by Stylecraft, and it’s been lovely to work with.

Phill has noticed that it does look like I’m knitting a camouflage to avoid returning to work through!

Knit by Night

My “at home” project is a knit a jumper with one ball mission.  Phill bought it for me from the local wool shop and it’s been partially complete for 1 or 2 years (I lose track).  I went wrong on the sleeves by misreading the pattern and had to undo a huge chunk so I am back on sleeve #1!


I’m quite determined to complete the above mentioned projects before I begin this one, but I got this kit from my friend for my birthday, and I’m very keen to begin it!img_20170129_152728_286


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#sewmystyle – January

Here is my first make as part of project #sewmystyle

The first pattern was toaster sweater 2 by Sew House Seven.  This is not a pattern I would automatically choose myself.  However, the whole point of completing this challenge is to move out of my comfort zone!

I chose a red jersey fabric from a local haberdashery.  This fabric was sturdy, which works well to maintain the neck collar.

The instructions are detailed well.  I used the pdf version to save money and found that using a guillotine sped along the cut and stick stage!

Another new product I tested with this make is using carbon paper, which revolutionised the cutting stage!  It is much faster as I did not have to trace my size and then cut it out before pinning it on.  Tilly and the Buttons have a great tutorial on how to use it here.

This was my third attempt with knit fabrics and I decided to use my overlocker for the seams round the shoulders and down the sides.  I was quite nervous using it as it trims at the same time, leaving little margin of error!  However, it does a great job as it feels less like you are going to stretch the garment out of shape!  It’s very quick too.

The main issue I had was with using a twin needle.  I adjusted the tension and used knit hemming tape alongside a walking foot, but I think that a stretch or ball point twin needle was needed.

I wasn’t sure about the dropped hem at the back, but now it’s made, I like this feature.

Overall, it was a great make and I look forward to starting February’s garment; the fabrics ready and waiting!

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