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Happy New Year!

Like many others, I’ve decided to start the new year off by reflecting on my current goals.

Project #sewmystyle


This year I am taking part in Bluebird Fabric’s project #sewmystyle

I’ve signed up to a ten week dressmaking course locally, and I thought that this project may help provide a stimulus outside of the classes.  A garment a month is a challenging target which I am looking forward to pursuing.

Reading Passport 2016


For a slightly shorter goal, I have jumped on the reading passport bandwagon a little late, but plan to complete the South West Reading Passport 2016 by the deadline, which is 31 March 2017, for a chance to win a suitcase full of books.  I don’t need more books at home, but I like the idea of a reading goal and am halfway through book 2 of 10.

One Word

After much deliberation, the guiding word for 2017 is spark.  For more information about One Little Word, I would recommend listening to Elise Gets Crafty’s podcast on it.

No clothes shopping!

Following on from project #sewmystyle and going to dressmaking classes, I plan to avoid clothes shopping altogether in 2017!

Christmas gift ready by 1st December!

Finally, I am striving to get all of the key gifts made before 1st December this year so I am not manically trying to finish something on Christmas Eve (or on the day!)

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