Mother’s Day gift making – bath hats and bags

It didn't take long to come up with this year's mother's day gift - mainly because I knew she wanted a new bath hat! I made her one years ago from the Cath Kidston "Sew!" book.  Unfortunately, the waterproof fabric I chose for inside the hat was quite thick and stiff.  Also, we have big heads so I think the pattern was designed for a smaller circumference head! I'd made my nan this green bath hat above using material I got online which I think is used for making tents.  It was much more versatile than the thick waterproof plastic…

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Making Individual Gifts – for Dad

For my dad's birthday this year, I decided to use my new skills to make some different gifts to normal. Cufflinks Here is a photo of him wearing the cufflinks I made in glass.  I had no idea you could make cufflinks from fused glass (or didn't think of it until it was pointed out to me)! I'm quite limited in my glass fusing skills at the moment, particularly in cutting, so I used inclusions for the decoration (note: inclusions are when you include certain metals between the two layers of glass so that they become sealed into the piece). …

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My college of handcraft
My craft studio

My college of handcraft

Hello! Welcome to my blog. The goal of this blog is to charter my journey through my own rather roughly laid out 'craft school'! Last year, faced with yet another temporary job coming to an end, I decided to apply for a part time position instead.  Sure, not the best option when you are renting, have no savings and your boyfriend is due to finish his PhD in the next year! Okay, so this may turn out to be a financial mess in the end!  But on this occasion, I have decided to follow what I want to do and enjoy,…

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